Dispute Resolution Policy

Table of contents

    1. No adjudication is made within the registration function as to whether the applicant has a legitimate right to a name, beyond compliance with the gov.au policies.
    2. The Registrant (applicant), in lodging the request for a name, informs the Domain Provider that they are asserting a claimed right to a name.
    3. In the case of conflicting name requests between an applicant and an existing gov.au domain name registration, in the first instance the parties concerned (applicant and existing Registrant) should attempt to resolve the matter, and report to the Domain Provider if the resolution includes a change of registration details.
    4. Should a dispute not be able to be resolved between the parties, this should be reported to the relevant Domain Provider for further consultation and mediation.

    Escalation procedures: disputes within a single jurisdiction

    1. Should a dispute within a single jurisdiction not be able to be resolved by the relevant Domain Provider, it should be escalated through governance mechanisms within that jurisdiction, or referred to the gov.au Registrar, the Australian Government Department of Finance (Finance).

    Escalation procedures: disputes across multiple jurisdictions

    1. Should a dispute across multiple jurisdictions not be able to be resolved between relevant Domain Provider contact(s), it should be referred to the Finance. If a dispute in the above circumstances cannot be resolved by the Finance, it may be escalated to the Domain Consultative Committee or, if necessary, the Online and Communications Council.

    Escalation procedures: disputes involving parties outside of the gov.au domain

    1. Disputes that extend outside of the gov.au domain should refer to the .au Dispute Resolution Policy (auDRP).