Managing Your Domain Name

Table of contents

    Nominate an individual to be the Admin Contact and ensure they understand the tasks association with this position.

    The Admin Contact is responsible for the domain name and will need to be responsible for the following tasks:

    • Submitting the original application and payment (if required)
    • Providing additional information to the Domain Provider to assist with the review of an application
    • Facilitating the addition or change of host servers (either directly or through a technical contact)
    • Noting or acting upon notices sent via email regarding domain name management
    • Submitting renewals and payment (if required) every 2 years
    • Maintaining the information in the domain name record, including organisation details and contact details
    • Submitting/authorising changes to the domain name, such as deletions, transfers between organisations, transfers of administration.

    If the nominated Admin contact leaves the organisation or can no longer be responsible for these tasks another individual should be nominated as Admin Contact.