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A range of improvements have recently been made to the way gov.au domain names are registered and managed.

The primary change is the introduction of a new online registration system, provided by Netregistry (an industry accredited registrar).

You can access the new registration services via the drop down menus on the right of your screen.

Some of the new services and requirements are listed below for your information. If you have any further questions please contact the Domain Provider for your jurisdiction.

New access details:

All data has been carried over to the new system, but you will be allocated new access details (user name and password). These will be sent to you shortly, or you may already have them.

The method for access your domain name has changed slightly:

  • You will be allocated “account” details which will allow you to access and administer ALL domain names for which you are the Administration Contact. You should keep these details secure and not share them with anyone.
  • You will also be allocated “domain” details which will allow limited access to single domain names.
  • There will no longer be access details associated with Technical contacts. Instead, you may wish to provide the “domain” access details to other parties involved in the administration of that domain name (e.g. an ISP), but please exercise caution as this provides the ability to redelegate your domain name.

Introduction of domain name licences, expiry dates and fees:

2-year domain name licence periods have been introduced to improve the integrity of the gov.au domain name system. Domain names will need to be renewed at the expiry of each 2-year licence period.

This will apply to all new domain names registered, and will be applied to all existing domain names during the first half of 2006. You will receive notifications to inform you when your domain name is due for its first renewal.

A fee of $47.85 is payable with each 2-year domain name licence registration and renewal. Some jurisdictions have chosen to cover this cost centrally, so as a registrant you will not be responsible for the payment. Other jurisdictions will require payment by the registrant, and will give the option of online credit card payment or for an invoice to be issued.

This arrangement ensures sustainability, reflects the improved service arrangements and brings the gov.au domain into line with other .au domains.

Improved user support

The new registration system also comes with improved user support, including some after hours technical support that was not previously available. Please see the Contact Us section for more information.